everlasting light

Devised, directed and designed Netia Jones

Performed by Exaudi
Music Director James Weeks

Aldeburgh Festival 2011

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Everlasting Light was a site specific performance of works by Ligeti,
Gesualdo, Marenzio, Weelkes, Scelsi, Tallis,
Vicentino, and Ryutis Mazulis at
Sizewell beach, and the nuclear power station
constructed in Sizewell in 1961.

Richard Morrison "At Sizewell I Saw The Future Glowing In The Dark"


* * * *

'conceived by the designer and film-maker Netia Jones, it was a
conjunction of film and performance artfully placed in a landscape...
The strange haunted atmosphere of that far-off age came together
in the most magical way'


'What had possessed what? Was this an arts events totally infused
with the spriti of a place, or a place transfigured by the power of art?...
Such all-encompassing artworks make what normally goes on
in concert halls, theatres and galleries look tame and prehistoric'