The Seafarer

Royal Festival Hall, South Bank
Boiler rooms and corridors

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The Seafarer was a site specific installation created with
cellist Oliver Coates and sound designer David Sheppard
for the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain. Based on
a translation by Amy Kate Riach of the the Old English poem
'The Seafarer', and the 'Louange à L'Éternité de Jésus' by Olivier
Messiaen, the installation took place in the working boiler rooms
and utility corridors deep underneath the Royal Festival Hall
from July until September 2011.

'Accompanied by sounds of breaking ice, gulls and distant engines,
visitors are taken through the RFH's utility corridors, lit by video installations
showing scenes related to life at sea, to the boiler room, where hidden speakers
amplify and create chords out of the noises made by machines.
Verses of 'The Seafarer' can be read on the walls of the corridors
and on the machinery.
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