Inverno In-Ver
New World Symphony, Miami
Harris Theatre, Chicago
A collaboration with Michael Tilson Thomas, creating an interactive visual world for Castiglioni's "11 musical poems for small orchestra" Inverno In-Ver.

Clusters of paper screens suspended from wires as a child's mobile, front and back projections with live written text and images, musicians both in front and behind, overhead projections of winterscapes and microscopic images of ice, crystals and glass

'The program book identified Jones as a "live video performer," and her video exegesis, which the artist cued to the musical performance from her laptop computer, seemed both a natural outgrowth of and complement to Castiglioni's icy vignettes. Three clusters of various-sized video screens were hung above and at the sides of the stage to display fluid, closeup images of snowflakes, snowscapes and, at one point, the silhouette of a human figure tumbling from screen to screen, accompanied by piercing blasts of woodwinds...

It was all extremely effective: The visual and aural elements enhanced rather than detracted from each other.'
Chicago Tribune
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