Before Life and After

Aldeburgh Festival

A staged performance of Winter Words, A Young Man's Exhortation and Boyhood's End, set in the old Garrett's Engineering Works, Leiston.

The performance included an accompanying book with remnants and vestiges of the Aldeburgh to leiston branch line, an installation in the engineering workshop which incuded archive film of the final journey of the branch train, and maps and guides to a walk along the now abandoned pathway where the railway once was.

* * * *
' The half-remembered thing evoked in Netia Jones's video and stage imagery was the branch railway line that ran between Leiston and Aldeburgh for over a century, until Beeching's axe fell on it in 1966...everything was done with such delicate tact. The best moments came when the performers found a real emotional heat -- as in Before Life and After itself, when a sense of real desperation pushed through the beautifully evocative surface'